Are you looking for a fast and focused fitness and nutrition programme that gets results?


Maybe you’re new to the gym and want to be shown the right way to do things?
Maybe you just want to get in great shape for a holiday?

Join our FIT56 programme, turn up, train effectively, and you’ll get the results you want in just 8 weeks.

Get into shape in
8 weeks – guaranteed

Get into shape in
8 weeks – guaranteed

Next programme starts Monday 25th September

W10 is all about quality training that leads to real results.
Our approach is tried and tested.

Over just eight weeks, you can get the results you want, without
giving up your life or resorting to unhealthy quick-fixes.

Whether you’re an absolute first-timer or a lapsed gym-goer,
we’ll tailor your programme to fit your needs.

We’re so confident you’ll get the results that you want, we offer
a full money-back guarantee.


Start your 8-week journey back to fitness today for £799

FIT56 – The Benefits

Bespoke Training Programme

A unique 8-week intensive fitness programme tailored to your needs and goals.

16 Small Group Personal Training Sessions

16 small-group personal training sessions (max 4 people).

Unlimited Fitness Classes

Access to a variety of group fitness classes (max 12 people), including boxing, Barbell Club and results-based yoga.

Nutrition Coaching

Personalised nutrition advice to complement your fitness programme and help you reach your goals.

Educational Resources

Free access to our fitness seminars run once a quarter.

Body Composition Analysis

An initial evaluation session to find out what you’re made of and help you measure progress.

Dedicated Support

An assigned personal trainer on hand whenever you need them to help you stay on track.

Open Door Policy

Unlimited access to the gym. Just pop in and use the space and equipment when you like.

W10 Toolkit

Guidance on how to continue getting results, after you’ve completed your 8-week programme.

Member Support

Access to our online community where the team and members share their thoughts and experiences.

Additional Benefits

Free MyZone belt

A smart piece of kit to help us monitor your progress and get the optimum results (RRP £129.99).

W10 ebooks

Access to our complete library of knowledge-packed ebooks to support your fitness journey.

W10 t-shirt

A branded t-shirt to wear with pride because we’ll be proud to have you as one of our members.


Small gifts from us along the way to inspire you and reward your development.

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Start your 8-week journey back to fitness today for £799