Client Testimonials


  • “I have received better results in the past six weeks under the guidance of W10 than I have from any other trainer or gym ever. They have helped me correct my posture (and associated neck pain) and exercise technique. They have also taught me new exercises and modifications that have achieved remarkable results. I am stronger, leaner and more flexible than ever. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and explain everything clearly and articulately, making things easy to understand. It’s the best investment in my health I have made. I have no reservations in recommending W10.”

    Greg Burgess

  • “I started training at W10 because I had lost motivation in my previous gym and from day one I saw that the totally new approach to fitness and health was something that I wanted to try. After training there for four months I now think that high street health clubs will have to significantly change their model to keep up with the set up and approach at W10.”

    Carlos Prieto

  • “Joining W10 was one of the most important things I have done. It has completely changed my perceptions of fitness and nutrition. I have come to understand what a complex area it is, combining so many different aspects of science, physiology, biochemistry, psychology and even social issues. I have realised how comparatively little I knew, but feel that the guys at W10 have equipped me with a solid foundation and a huge desire to build upon this. My time at W10 has influenced me for the better in every workout I do and every meal I have. It is life-changing. The team at W10 is awesome. They are fantastic trainers, fun and upbeat while directional and highly knowledgeable at the same time. They have created more than a gym, there is a sense of community which is incredible. Hopefully one day I will be able to pass this favour onto patients in my care.”

    Alice Roach

  • “W10 is a gym with the sole intention of self-improvement through knowledge, technique and pure determination. In three months I learnt more about my body, food, nutrition, exercise and mental toughness than I ever had before. They use food diaries, intolerance tests and background medical checks as well as structured workouts that are designed to enhance your body to the maximum. This makes W10 Performance a leader in its field. There is no pretence, no bank of TV sets on MTV or Sky Sports – this is a gym to be used, and you are a diamond in the rough.”

    The Luxury Channel

  • “The guys at W10 are charismatic and knowledgeable and they have been great to work with. I have been delighted that they have backed up their enthusiasm and knowledge with results. My body shape, composition (nearly 10% body fat lost in twelve weeks) and, more importantly, body awareness have improved dramatically. I am a healthier, stronger and more confident as a result of working with W10 Performance.”

    David Hope

  • “W10 Performance are a team of fantastic trainers. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve worked with a few!). Having worked with trainers in New York for 2yrs, I thought I was doing most of the right things – not so! W10 helped me make fundamental changes to my nutritional and supplementation programmes and trained me in a way that I’d not previously experienced; a way which I can only describe as hard, yet strangely enjoyable – but most importantly, a way which was geared to achieving my goals. In the first three weeks I lost 7.5% body fat, increased my strength and learned a lot about what it will take to carry this progress forward and get to where I want to be. Despite the no nonsense approach, there is a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and the guys have a great sense of humour!”

    Veronica Barrett

  • “I was a 46-year-old, unfit, overweight, workaholic who hated the gym. So I approached W10 Performance for a straight opinion and advice on what I could do to lose two or three stone before I turned 50. They were very honest and professional. Their knowledge of how the food groups impact your body were clear and logical – not the mumbo-jumbo you get on fad or detox diets. They devised an eating plan and exercise regime I could easily follow and maintain. Over the following six months I lost three stone and I have kept it off, both my brothers have followed the plan, with similar results. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

    Matthew Harrison

  • “A quiet fitness training revolution is taking place in West London, and if you want to get results from your training then you need to be part of it. W10 Performance is a training facility with a difference. Unlike most large, impersonal health clubs driven by membership numbers, W10 concentrates on the most important thing, member results. The highest compliment I can pay these guys, is that if one of my clients moved to London, I would tell them to join.”

    Nick Grantham

  • “I have been a member at W10 for only seven weeks but since my initial assessment I have lost nearly two stone in weight and 9% body fat – whilst dramatically increasing my strength. Most pleasing is the fact that I have done this eating more than I was previously and exercising just two or three times per week to fit in with my shifts. There is no arduous cardio in my programme and nothing that I couldn’t carry on with myself.”

    Claire Caldwell

  • “Having trained at W10 I could now never go back to training in a high street gym. The guys push you to your limit and are constantly tweaking your programme to keep your workouts fresh and your body guessing. Their training and nutrition advice is first class. I would recommend W10 to anyone, whatever you’re training goals, from elite athletes to those looking simply to begin or enhance a healthy lifestyle.”

    Jonny Barrett

  • “I wholeheartedly recommend W10 Performance. The coaches are excellent motivators and certainly know their stuff, modifying my programme to suit a pre existing bad back and giving me encouragement, scorn and praise as the situation demands. I’ve had five friends recently join the gym, in no small part from seeing the change it has had on me. I would recommend W10 to anyone, whatever your training goals.”

    Mark Bell

  • “A friend told me about W10 performance and the impressive amount of weight he had lost within just three weeks of joining. I ruminated, cogitated and ignored it for a week but then seeing him again with another two kilos lost whilst I had done diddly squat, my decision was made. Since joining W10, I’ve surprised myself by averaging 4 to 5 times a week, where in the previous ten years of on/off gym memberships I had probably only managed to go a few dozen times. My only annoyance is why didn’t join years ago. Weekly nutrition sessions, weigh-ins, coupled with the motivation of the trainers and a continually evolving programme is all it took for me to actually enjoy going to the gym.”

    Will Cochrane

  • “Having completed W10 Performance’s very manageable nutritional programme (no points or calorie counting) and their challenging but doable workout schedule, I lost nearly 20lbs and, more importantly, reduced my body fat by over 12% in just two months! Fantastic, didn’t think it was possible – and I’m enjoying it too!”

    Jane Turner

  • “W10 is not your usual gym. The big difference between here and the high street gyms is that you get a true bespoke programme. It’s based on a proper assessment of your body and its weaknesses and strengths. It’s not a programme that suits the next person. And the trainers know their stuff and are always closely watching what you’re doing with a lot of focus on technique.  There’s banter, but the vibe and the results are just so much better than you get from the big brands. The guys don’t strut around in muscle tops with ‘Personal Trainer’ plastered on their backs and they have time for everyone – both male and female clients. Let’s just say that this is not not my previous experience in any of the big gyms in Notting Hill – we’re talking chalk and cheese.”

    Victoria Williams

  • “Sounds mad, but I touched my toes for the first time in my life yesterday and I do not have back pain. I am also under 80kg for the first time in a while. I’m loving it and am telling everyone about it! W10 is not your usual gym. A big difference between W10 and the high street gyms is that you get a bespoke programme.”

    Tim Simmons

  • “I could never imagine going back to a standard high street gym or using a so called “personal” trainer who trains everyone the same way. These guys are a couple of leagues above that. Training in an environment where everyone is passionate about what they do and committed to achieving results is great for motivation. Ultimately results speak for themselves and I’m really happy with what we’ve achieved.”

    Pete Williams

  • “I can honestly say that my time at W10 have been life changing.”

    Nisse S.

  • Greg Burgess
  • Carlos Prieto
  • Alice Roach
  • The Luxury Channel
  • David Hope
  • Veronica Barrett
  • Matthew Harrison
  • Nick Grantham
  • Claire Caldwell
  • Jonny Barrett
  • Mark Bell
  • Will Cochrane
  • Jane Turner
  • Victoria Williams
  • Tim Simmons
  • Pete Williams
  • Nisse S.