Our Story

Rather than writing a beautifully polished couple of paragraphs about what a great place W10 Performance is, we thought we’d share a message from the founder and owner Jean-Claude, the man behind the W10 Performance gym concept and training programme.

Jean-claude vacassin

“I started W10 because I genuinely believed that people were getting short-changed by their gym experience. I wanted to create a gym that brought fitness to life, a place that was member-centric and service driven, rather than the typical sales-driven, commodity fitness model that is the mainstream. Above all else, I wanted this gym to be a place where people came to get the results that they wanted, whilst actually enjoying their workouts. I wanted to create the antithesis of the high street gym if you like, so I set up W10.

We have created a cutting edge training programme that consistently delivers results for our members and a culture that keeps our average weekly visits to between two and three, and our retention rate above 90%. Pretty impressive considering that the industry average is less than one visit and broadly 30%! We’re not about high volume sales numbers and high drop out rates, we want people to actually come, enjoy their time, get results, and stay with us for the long haul.

W10 is a home from home for our members. The welcoming and supportive culture is tangible and our team are an experienced and knowledgeable bunch who have been part of the W10 set up for a long time. Continuity of staff is a huge part of why people stay with us, so we make sure that we attract and retain the best trainers around. You’ll notice the difference in your first session.

We’d love to welcome you down to W10, show you around our gym, introduce you to our team and other members, and of course show you how we will help you to achieve your fitness goals. If you’re looking for a non-intimidating environment, that’s fun, focussed, and will help you get results, W10 is definitely the place for you.”