The W10 Team

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Jean-Claude Vacassin

JC is the man that you have to thank for creating W10 Performance, having founded W10 on a mission to change the way fitness was done.

Nick Collins

Nick Collins

Operations Manager / Coach

Ten years worth of experience in coaching and sports massage. What he lacks in hair he makes up with pearly white teeth and dancing on the gym floor.

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton

Coach / Program Manager

With a West Country accent that's nearly as thick as his thighs, Tom is our resident gym super-hero, and the man responsible for all elements of programming at W10 Performance.

Olli Foxley

A long standing member of the team, Olli has been with W10 since its early days in the original warehouse gym, and is now one of the go to members in the team.

Kris Miller

Our resident Kiwi, he combines his coaching role at W10 with his Strength & Conditioning role at London Scottish rugby.

Daisy Ellen

A ex-professional dancer and teacher, Daisy is as fit and strong as they come, and is passionate about helping others be the same.

Jason Fox

Joined the W10 coaching team when we opened the City Road gym in September 2015, having since become the head coach at W10 East getting more involved with the day to day running of the gym.