A Simple Tip To Avoid Making Bad Decisions

Everyday we make choices, be them conscious or subconscious. ‘What's for breakfast?’ ‘Lunch?’ ‘Dinner?' ‘What time do the kids need collecting?', and so on and so forth. We lead busy lives where we need to make decisions all day, be them in work or at home. We only have a certain amount of willpower and throughout the day our reserves get used up. The

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Squat Four Ways

Jean Claude's feature in Health and Fitness Magazine... 1. BACK SQUAT BENEFITS: Done correctly, this move will build sheer strength in your glutes, hamstrings and core. Start with a barbell supported on the fleshy part of your upper back across your shoulders (the trapezius muscles). Hold the barbell in both hands, keeping your torso upright and head facing forwards (A).

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