• Done for you training and nutrition - W10 and Fresh Fitness Food

    By The W10 Team

    We are extremely proud to partner with Fresh Fitness Food to offer a 2 pronged approach to what we do at W10.

    Although we offer nutritional guidance alongside our personal training, the issue for most people isn't knowing what to do (i.e. chocolate and ice cream probably isn't the best for fat loss) but it's the actual doing it that's the problem.

    This is where Fresh Fitness Food comes in to play.

    Fresh Fitness Food is a personalised daily meal delivery service who offer nutritionist-designed meal plans, delicious chef prepared food and daily delivery to your home (or office).

    From Monday 8th May, we are going to be offering fresh meals in the gym fridges which you can purchase daily, or as and when you please. Or, if you prefer, you can opt in for a bespoke programme where you will have a dedicated nutritionist who will design a menu tailored to your goals and will be delivered to your front door.

    We're as excited as anyone about this and are going to be testing out our own personalised plan alongside our 8 week Fit 56 training programme which starts on Monday May 22nd.

    This isn't because we don't know what to eat but it's a convenient, easy and guaranteed way to shed a bit of weight and get in top nick before the swim shorts make an appearance over summer...!

    Here's a little taster of what Nick and JC will be eating:

    Breakfast shake
    Fresh Fitness Food meal
    Fresh Fitness Food meal
    Homemade dinner

    With a few weekend beers added on top (we're all human)

    People's programme's will vary - which we or Fresh Fitness Food will help you out with (if doing a bespoke programme) some may choose to have a snack instead of second meal for example - it's all dependent on goals.

    We'll keep you updated on our progress.

    If you're interested in more information on our 8 week training programme or our Fresh Fitness Food programmes then give us a shout (hello@w10performance.com/020 3489 5428)


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