• Half a stone down in 8 weeks - eating more and exercising less

    By The W10 Team

    2 jean sizes down in 8 weeks - here's what Laura had to say about our FIT 56 - 8 week intensive fitness and nutrition programme.

    Start weight: 10st
    Current weight: 9st 7lb
    Weight loss: Half a stone in 8 weeks

    ‘By the beginning of the year I was really fed up with my weight. I’d just come back from a winter sun holiday and had felt horrible in a bikini. I just wanted to cover up the whole time, especially my flabby bum and tummy. My size had yo-yo-ed up and down over the the previous year - mainly as I’d been so stressed at work – and months of overindulging on sugary junk food meant that half a stone had crept on. I couldn’t fit into my normal clothes, so I knew I had to take action and decided to try my local gym, W10 Performance in West London, who had helped my friend get in incredible shape.

    I wanted to lose the weight quickly so I decided to join the 8 week FIT 56 programme.

    The biggest surprise was being told by their nutrition expert that by trying to eat ‘healthily’ I’d actually been eating too few calories. This meant my blood sugar was dropping too much, which was why I was so hungry and tired all the time. I had been starting the day with porridge, eating sandwiches for lunch, scavenging biscuits and chocolate mid-afternoon, then having a carb-free dinner - only to need a bowl of cereal to fill me up later.

    With my new diet plan I had to learn to eat more and up my calorie intake, which was a refreshing surprise for a food lover like me! And the key, I was told, was to always have carbs, protein and veg together at every meal. My new plan meant starting the day with a big bowl of full-fat Greek yoghurt with nuts, having mackerel fillets with a baked sweet potato and green salad for lunch, and for dinner, a grilled chicken breast with quinoa, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds and lots of leafy green veg. Amazing – on the new plan I never felt hungry or needed to snack on junk food.

    For me exercise has always been frustrating, and despite doing lots of activities last year - from dancing and running to boot camp classes for a total of four hours per week - I never saw any results. My new gym plan consisted of strength training twice a week for 45 minutes and circuit training twice weekly for 30 minutes. It was hard going, but much more time efficient at just two and a half hours per week, and so much more effective. With the diet and exercise combined, I starting seeing a change in my body shape after just two weeks.

    As part of the plan I also had to complete a daily food diary and had weekly weigh-ins with a body fat monitor, which really helped to keep me motivated, especially since I saw my fat levels come down steadily each week.

    My energy levels soared and my clothes started to feel roomier. By the time the eight weeks were up I’d lost half a stone, was a smaller size 12, and better still, had ditched my size 28 jeans for two sizes smaller ones at size 26. My muscles are so firm now and I loved my super-toned arms and waist.

    I feel so confident and comfortable in my skin, and I’ve had loads of great compliments from friends and colleagues – including my best friend Matt telling me: “My god you look hot!” I’m looking forward to wearing a bikini this summer and planning a beach holiday.

    My 8-week programme wasn’t cheap at £799, but it was money well worth spending – I’d do it again in a heartbeat.’

    If you want to get in shape pre summer and achieve incredible results too, click here to sign up to our 8 week programme.

    We're so confident you'll get results, that if you don't - we'll give you your money back.


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