Is your goal worth the sacrifice?


Do you really understand what it takes to achieve the goals that you want?


Most people don’t.


And most coaches or fitness gurus don’t discuss the sacrifices or what really goes in to achieving fitness goals.


But you need be aware or you will keep failing the same goals that you make over and over again.


Making decisions requires trading off one item against another.


A trade-off involves a sacrifice that must be made to get a certain product or experience.


In fitness/health terms we are faced with trade offs everyday.


Do I trade off my Saturday morning lie in to get up early and train?


Do I not go out with my friends on Friday night for a booze up because I am trying to lose weight?


Do I trade off my pizza date night so I can hit my 5 times a week training goal?


This can be where you hit bumps on your fitness journey, making the wrong trade offs, not realising the costs of your decisions.


Or when it comes to setting goals, which are too far beyond what you are prepared to sacrifice.


The idea of getting a 6 pack or losing a stone is much easier than the reality.


Depending on your goals and current circumstances, some goals require more sacrifices/changes than others.


For example, going from 30% body fat to 20% typically requires less sacrifice. You could make a few changes to your dietary habits, start exercising more often and be more active in your daily lifestyle to achieve this.


Compared to someone who wants to go from 15% to 6% body fat. This will often require giving up alcohol, tracking every piece of food to the gram, training regularly, becoming obsessive about food, enduring mood swings and having a lack of energy but you feel that you look the best you ever have (it's a weird journey).


A lot of the time people see the glory but don’t see the whole story - which is all of the negatives and sacrifices that come with having 6% body fat. And that’s the choice you have to make. Is it worth it? Is that what you actually want?


The reality requires you to make changes to your lifestyle that you may not have thought about...


Such as… going to the gym before work?


Waking up at 5 am to get to the gym for 6am to do an hour’s session, meaning you’ll need to get to bed earlier the night before and not staying up to watch your favourite tv show. Are you prepared to do that?


Those 3 Caramel Lattes you have everyday are going to need to change to a black coffee or a tea to save wasting calories. Are you prepared to do that?


Your lunch of a chocolate bar, packet of crisps, sandwich and a can of coke is probably going to need to change if you want to lose some weight, this could mean you need to start preparing food for lunch, which means making time in the evening to prep some food.


Are you prepared to do that?


Out drinking every weekend? That's likely going to need to change in some way.


Will this affect your friendships because that's what your circle of friends do every weekend and if you’re not drinking as much as usual, you become the odd one out. How will that make you feel, is it what you really want?


These are a few examples that we often see people face and it's perfectly fine to realise that perhaps your initial goals you set yourself are too far beyond what you are prepared to pay the cost for.


This doesn't make you a bad person or a failure, it's just accepting that every decision you make has a cost. It's your decision to weigh up if the cost is in line with your goal and if you are prepared to pay that cost.


When our members first join, we sit with them and discuss their goals. It’s a vital part of the journey. We need to manage expectations and ensure that every person is doing what it takes to achieve their goal and a huge part of that, is whether or not the goal is actually realistic in the first place.


If you struggle to achieve goals or aren't sure what you should be doing to achieve them, then give us a shout. We're always happy to help and give advice where we can.