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202-208 Kensal Road, W10 5BN

We are not a typical big-box, impersonal and often intimidating, high-street gym.
Quite the opposite in fact.

The biggest difference, apart from our Results Based Fitness Training and unparalleled gym community culture, is that all of our memberships include personal training or coaching.

And the fact that you have a coach assigned to keep you on track, guarantees that you’ll come regularly, rather than ‘pay and stay away’.  Which is why our members get results.

If you want to learn how to move well and get results, in a grown up environment, that pushes you, but doesn’t promote extreme and injury inducing training methods, then we’re the place for you.

30-day trial membership

Test drive our gym, meet our team and experience the unique gym culture.  We can help you rediscover your fitness mojo and get the results that you want.

Get all of the benefits of our signature Semi-Private gym membership.


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202-208 Kensal Road
W10 5BN