One of the most detrimental myths in the fitness industry

No pain, no gain. Right?


The effectiveness of your training session should not always be measured by how sweaty and exhausted you feel.

That feeling of complete exhaustion has become a worrying barometer of how 'good' or 'bad' a workout is, which, in all honesty, is a bit one dimensional.

We hear statements like...

"I'm an all or nothing person"

"I like to push myself, I know my body can handle it"

"It's not hurting, am I doing it right?"

"I don't feel like I've had a good session if I'm not blowing"

... which may all be valid at some point, but there are lots of us putting ourselves in the hurt-locker when we don't need to.

It's getting crazy.

A new fitness class launched recently in London where they make you sign a death waiver before you begin (yes it does sound like a marketing gimmick) but never the less it's reflective of what people actually think in order to get results.

We don't need to be taking ourselves to the cleaners every time we go to the gym,

we don't do that with our members yet they work hard and still get incredible results.

Train optimally, not maximally.

There is nothing heroic about repeatedly taxing your body more than needs be.

Most people don't want, and cannot withstand, that.

It's about applying the minimum effective dose to get the results that we want.

As the cliche goes, 'train, don't drain'.

Here's an example of one of our programmes for a member who trains 5 days a week (everyone has different goals, time commitments etc so will have a programme tailored to them, but principles remain the same)

A mixture of strength, conditioning and rest.

Example programme:

Each workout would begin with a warm up/mobility work.
Mon - Full body strength training
Tues - Mobility/Core/Cardio
Weds - Full body strength training
Thurs - Mobility/Core/Cardio
Fri - Full body strength training
Sat/Sun - Rest, enjoy life, activities/hobbies.

Example sessions:

Example Full Body Strength Session:

1a - Squat 3 x 8
1b - Pull Up 3 x 5-8
1c - Band Paloff Press 3 x 5 x 5sec holds

2a - DB Walking Lunge 3 x 10/10
2b - Push Up 3 x 10-15
2c - Hanging Knee Raise 3 x 10

3 - KB Farmers Walks 3 x 50m
4 - Steady cardio RPE 6 x 10 mins

Example Mobility/Core/Corrective/Cardio Session

Mobility Flow
1a - Iron Cross x 10/10
1b - Roll + Reach x 10
1c - Gute Bridge x 20
1d - Cat/Camel x 15
1e - Mountain Climbers w/Rotation x 5/5
1f - Prisoner Split Squats x 10/10

Core / Corrective
2a - Single Arm Plank Rows x 10/10
2b - Bear Crawl x 30m
2c - Plank Walkouts w/ 5 sec hold x 10
x 3 rounds

Cardio - 30/30 x 10 rounds
Pick one of the following:

It's not complicated, it's not rocket science but it works.

Yes our members work hard, get a sweat on and feel like they've had a solid training session but we're not exhausting the crap out of them every day. It's counterproductive.

If you have any questions with regards to programmes or any of the above, drop us a line and we'd be happy to help.