• Are you struggling to find the motivation to train?

    By The W10 Team

    If the answer is yes, don't worry you're certainly not alone...!

    The end of August, leading up to September can be a lot like the lead up to January for most people. We’ve all had a few too many sangria’s and bbq’s over the summer, feeling a little sluggish and like we’ve undone all the hard work... but we know it's time to start getting back in shape.

    …because before you know it, the kids will be back at school and it’ll be Christmas!

    Sound familiar?

    If you feel like your training is lacking focus then here's what to do in one simple step.

    Set yourself a performance goal

    This will help provide some more purpose to your training (and that extra little push as the mornings start to get darker and the early alarms get more challenging!)

    It's absolutely fine if your goals are aesthetic, but setting a goal based on something physical you'd like to be able to do might actually help you achieve these aesthetic goals quicker.

    So, Where to start?

    The challenge can be as big or small as you like.

    Fear not, this isn't a post about getting everyone to run a marathon (although if that's your thing, go for it!).

    They can be gym based goals or a challenge event outside.

    It might be that you want to get stronger in the gym, and so setting some weight targets could be a place to start.

    It could be learning a new skill, or getting better at something, e.g Nailing your first chin up, being able to run 5km, doing an unassisted handstand even.

    There's always something new to master...that's the fun in training!

    (And that’s why you’ll see us celebrating so many goals and achievements with our members on their journey.)

    Going further than this, signing up for a challenge or race could provide even more focus. Again, these can be big or small. There are plenty of running races across London (keep your eyes peeled for a race that we are also going to enter into as a team soon ...more on this to come).

    The list of options are endless: from triathlons, to entering amateur competitions, to walking challenges, to bike rides, to mud runs (there'll be another Tough Mudder for team W10 coming up next year too.)

    A team from W10 are also heading to Mount Kilimanjaro in March 2018 (...and there are a few spaces left if you're keen to join us and make this your goal!)

    Our training will help members get in the best physical shape to ensure they're completely prepared for the climb. It’s something that our members can do together and something to work hard for...a performance based challenge.

    We know from first hand experience what it feels like to complete a challenge you've set out to achieve....

    You'll be more consistent with your training as you'll have something to be accountable to.

    When you reach your gym goal or complete the challenge you'll gain more confidence in your own abilities.

    You'll almost certainly get in better shape as a result, without that being the sole focus.

    It’s another reason we run 3 8-week FIT 56 programmes throughout the year. They are laser focused and 8 weeks is the perfect amount of time to get great results, but short enough to commit and make progress towards specific goals.

    So, what's the rest of your year / 2018 looking like?

    If you would like some inspiration, give us a shout. Or if you’d like any more information on the challenges and programmes above then let us know on hello@w10performance.com - that’s what we’re here for.


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